How the web is changing the news

Just as I begin to enter into the world of journalism, immense change is occurring. I am a journalism major, and very passionate about writing and staying informed in the media. However, the web is dramatically changing this field.

All of the abilities of the web have vastly changed how we read, review context and receive the news. Print allows us to hold the material, physically in our hands, focus, and take our time absorbing the information. Reading news on the web is an entirely different experience. We take in news at hyper-speed, and may choose to review the story in different forms of media from print, audio, and video to pictures.

Being a journalism major, this change is a little hair rising. I may be one of the few people I know, my age to have a New Yorker subscription, read the weekly newspaper, and pick up a paper at the grocery store, however, I admit I do, like most people today, receive the majority of my news from the web. There is something I love about holding a real newspaper in my hands and really absorbing the full story. But, the fact is that the web provides convenience and endless information. The New York Times is the home page on my computer, and I check many other news and celebrity gossip sites throughout my day.

I am afraid that there will be a shrinking demand for journalists as the web takes over. I should be supportive of journalists, not only to help sustain the industry, but to learn from their examples and increase my knowledge in this field that I am so committed to.

The question is, will enough people stay loyal to journalism, or will it be abandoned and replaced?

It is very important to stay informed on current events in the world, and journalists have a valued job to present these stories in an informative and stimulating manner. However, when most people read a news article on the web, they don’t absorb it as much as print media. The infinite information, and alternative links surrounding the page, can often tempt us to click onto a new search, never reading the full article.

The endless information, and the ability to jump from one subject to another; the web has enabled news to be consumed in a completely altered way. There are some definite benefits to reviewing news on the web. It’s fast, easy accessible, and all the different media elements, such as video, pictures, and sites containing corresponding stories, are all available on the web, and missing from newspapers.

There are many advancements in news formatting and journalism, and I hope this continues to be a prosperous business, and I hope to be part of the change.


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