Stumbling onto Unfamiliar Territory

Humans are all different; we have our own unique opinions, interests, hobbies, talents, and even fetishes.

There are certain areas and topics I am very interested in, however, as my wide genre selection on my itunes will tell you, I also like variety.

This is why I found the website, StumbleUpon, to be so interesting. The site allows users to choose from categories such as art, mythology, cooking, photography and self-improvement, to highlight and then continue to “stumble” on a variety of websites that satisfy these categories.

If you don’t like what you have “stumbled” across, or have seen it long enough, the viewer can simply press “stumble” at the top of the page to be brought to a whole new website, completely at random, having nothing to do with the previously visited site. Even the option to “like” and “dislike,” are made accessible to the user to some-what narrow down the possibilities.

One of the best parts of “stumbling” is being introduced to many websites with photos, games, videos, quotes and stories, the viewer might otherwise not be exposed to. Sometimes, I like to select all the options, or none of them, to see what the website randomly selects for me.

StumbleUpon has been applauded by many sources for its ability to retrieve information that would be valuable to that particular user. I think that it can be used for both, discovering areas of interest, as well as discovering new and unfamiliar subjects.

Too often do we routinely visit the same websites, and never experience new topics and opinions. It is important to try new things. StumbleUpon has given me the experience to learn new things, and learn a thing or two.

It may be necessary narrow down the vast amount of information that is available to us on the internet, but, StumbleUpon can be a refreshing and new experience, where you might learn about something you had never thought about, or an interest your computer does not know you have.


Will Journalism Survive?

With the rise of so many new technologies and advancements, companies and professions, have been struggling to re-create themselves to fit modern society and its demands.

Unfortunately, Journalism has become one of those mediums that many suspect will have to fight to survive in this day and age. Many people have claimed that Journalism is dying.

Of course, this news is terrifying for Journalism students, like myself, who are just now breaking into the field, and will soon begin to pursue a career, at what could be a potentially dangerous time.

With all of the advancements in technology, people are becoming less patient. Journalism has always focused on keeping writing short and concise, but with the fast pace of life, people expect their news in less than a paragraph. Making traditional Journalism, difficult to compete in society.

Is it the wrong time? Or could it be the best time?

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to stay informed. I always like to be in on the latest gossip and be able to contribute and even dominate conversations about the latest news and happenings with friends and classmates.

I believe there are a lot of people like me. People will always be interested the world around them. Journalism will always be in high demand, and it is up to people looking to pursue a career in this field to find other options such as blogging, and making micro-payments for their work.

Journalism will only keep improving, in my opinion. I think the best part of the advancement in technology is the fact that it is able to become hands-on and interactive.  News should be responsive, people always have opinions, or need support, all the new forms of communication can only help these things.